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  • Assault Strike 2

    Assault Strike 2

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    A fantastic shooting game full of devastation and chaos, Stickman Armed Assasin 3D is here! Four game types are available, as well as many more options. If you've been waiting for a thrilling online shooting game, you've got to give Assault Strike 2 a chance.

    This fantastic, free online game is a fantastichtml5 game. If you're into shooting games, you should try playing Assault Strike 2. Purchase weapons that you can customize. The player may find ammo boxes around the map in multiplayer games. Enjoy changing your character, spilling blood, and looking at the Lone Wolf Strike. We have for you a fantastic Third-person shooting game! If you want to kick a player, vote for a map. Have a great time.

    The controls are straightforward, and the rules are pretty specific, using the WASD keys to walk, CTRL to crouch, mouse to shoot, and Shift. Play this fantastic free shooting game and test out your aiming skills today! Make sure you get all the enemies and win matches without doing any damage to your health. Come and play Assault Strike 2 today for the most fun you've ever had!

    發布日期: 29 March 2019 , 平台: Web browser

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